Why Lighted Business Signs Are So VitalWe’ve all been driving down the highway and seen those lighted signs that pointed us where to go. Whether it was stopping for gas along our trip or hitting a shopping center that we stumbled upon, seeing a lighted business sign attracted us to the location. When it comes to utilizing these types of signs for your business, there are many good reasons to do so.

Cheap Advertising

First, when it comes to advertising expense, lighted signs are more cost-effective. In a study done by the Small Business Administration, it was discovered the lighted business signs were not only the most effective form of advertising, but they costed significantly less than other forms of advertising. The study looked at radio, television, and lighted sign advertising. The findings were shown per 1,000 consumer impressions and revealed that radio costs 13 dollars, television costs 22 dollars, and lighted signs cost 74 cents. It’s clear to see that lighted signs reign supreme when it comes to a cost-effective advertising budget.

Better Visibility

Having a sign for your business is a great start, but having it lighted makes all the difference in gaining customers. A traditional sign isn’t visible after dark or during any sort of adverse weather conditions. You’re only gaining clients in the daylight. Plus, your sign can be pushed in the background when competing businesses around you have lighted signs.

When you opt for a lighted sign from an Orlando Sign Company, you can put yourself ahead of your competition. Not only will your sign be more visible during the evening hours and during adverse weather conditions, but you’ll stand out from other businesses who don’t have lighted signs. You want to be able to alert customers of your presence around the clock and having an illuminated sign does just that.

Faster Setup Time

Do you know how long it takes to set up lighted business signs? Literally, a couple of hours. Compare this to producing a television commercial or radio advertisement and it becomes clear that lighted signs are the easiest way to start getting customers. This is particularly helpful for new businesses who are trying to make their presence known in a new area.

Low Maintenance Advertising

Advertising can feel like a full-time job at times. When you opt for advertising solutions that require low maintenance, it can make the job of gaining new customers much less time-consuming. If you even opt for lighted business signs that utilize new LED technology, you can ensure that your sign has a longer lifespan. These LEDs will last for up to 100,000 hours. That’s over 11 years of not having to worry about changing out lights in your sign. The only maintenance you’ll need to do is some regular cleaning so that your sign shines bright.

Prevent Against Deterring Consumers

The absence of having a business sign at your location is costing you a lot of consumers. In a study performed by Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, nearly 60 percent of consumers said that the lack of a sign at a business deters them from entering a store or business. Think about that for a minute.

It’s not shocking to think that people will simply avoid coming to your business if they can’t find the sign that verifies your location. Installing lighted business signs can help to ensure that your customers know where you’re located at and will walk through the front door. Imagine gaining 60 percent more consumers than you already have simply by installing a sign. That’s very simple to do and your return on investment would be killer.

Consumers Perceive A Higher Value From Your Business

People are used to seeing regular, non-illuminated signs at businesses in every city. Seeing an illuminated sign not only catches their attention, but it unconsciously links your business as having a higher quality of products and services. This is because your business is willing to invest money in a quality lighted sign that other businesses simply aren’t. When you show that your business has money to invest in things like a lighted sign, people link this to providing higher quality than stores that simply don’t invest money in quality advertising.

Around The Clock Advertising

One of the coolest features of having a lighted business sign is that you can run it around the clock. It doesn’t matter if your business is open or not. This provides the major advantage of being able to get your brand presence known without a lot of work. People driving by your location will unconsciously see your sign over and over again, regardless of the time of day. This subliminal advertising can help to instill your business is the minds of potential consumers. Next time they think about needing a product or service that you provide, they’re instantly going to think of your brand.

They’re Extremely Customizable

Orlando Sign Company offers a variety of customizable illuminated sign options. This can allow you to craft the sign that you feel will provide you with the most amount of return on your investment. Additionally, digital lighted signs are creating a new wave of unique advertising for businesses. They’re easily programmable so that you can change up your business messages on a regular basis. This will allow you to experiment with different personalized messages to see which ones will provide your business with more attention from consumers.

Perceived Safer At Night

Not too many people enjoy walking in dark parking lots or along dark streets. When you opt for installing illuminated business signs, you can give customers a sense of safety around your business. The light can work to illuminate the area where potential consumers are walking near your store. This light allows them to unconsciously feel safer around your business. This will foster a likeness for your business from consumers who will be more likely to visit you in the evening hours because they feel safe doing so.

Lighted business signs are a fairly newer technology that is creating a lasting difference in the advertising world. If you don’t already have these employed at your business location, you really should. The above benefits are just some of the many reasons why having this type of illuminated sign is vital to the successful operation of your business.