custom business sign fabricationThe style of your sign is a reflection of your personal preferences and of the image that you want to use to represent your company, such as professional, whimsical or artistic. We will work with you to develop a design that will accommodate the space for your sign. You can choose the colors and the style. We will also give you some advice to help you to overcome problems, such as problems from a dark blue color or a halo light. Our design and fabrication processes are easy and professional and will be scheduled to meet the deadline for your sign:

• Inspect the site for a sign.
• Discuss the design for a sign with our customer.
• Develop the design for a sign.
• Customer approval for the design for a sign.
• Choose top-quality materials for a sign.
• Make a sign.
• Customer approval for a sign.
• Get permits for a sign.
• Install a sign.
• Provide maintenance services for a sign.

Inspect the Site for a Sign

We will inspect the site to help you to make some decisions about the dimensions and shape for the sign. If you want a sign for the front of a building, we would recommend some spots for the sign, such as over a doorway or on the second floor. A directory sign could be mounted on a wall or on a pedestal stand. The dimensions for the sign and the letters should be large enough for a person to easily read the sign.

Discuss a Sign with Our Customer

The information from the discussions will help us to make some decisions about which style and colors would be most appropriate for the sign, such as pink channel letters or a red vinyl banner. You may want to use different shades of blues and greens for a neon sign to blend with the green bushes around a blue lake that is in front of your restaurant. We can help you to choose some blue and green colors that would not be too bright for a family restaurant.

Develop the Design for a Sign

The design process can be easy because we will use your preferences for fonts and shapes to carefully develop a design for the sign. You may want to use an oval shape to avoid sharp edges. The letters on an oval sign could have some subtle curls, such as with a script-style font. A rectangular sign could be enhanced with some tall and narrow letters. You could make some decisions about the aesthetic effects after we had showed you some of our designs for the sign.

Customer Approval for Our Design for a Sign

The approval process will be very fast because we will thoroughly discuss the sign with you. We will be prepared to show you several designs to help you to make a decision. If you like bold shapes, then a square sign could be perfect for you. We can change the colors, fonts and shapes until we have the most appropriate design for the sign. After you have approved the design for the sign, we will then ask you to approve the materials for making the sign.

Choose Top-Quality Materials for a Sign

The choice for materials is also important because sunlight, heat, humidity and weather conditions, such as high winds, rainstorms and snowstorms, could cause problems. Sunlight can cause the color of some materials, such as vinyl, to slowly fade during the hot summer months. Some plastics can be damaged by ultraviolet light. We will choose durable materials to ensure that the sign will not require regular repair services. The sign will be designed to be a permanent sign for your building, walkway or parking lot.

Fabrication Process for a Sign

The fabrication process is the final step for transforming our design into a sign for your business. We will use several precautions to carefully make your sign according to the specifications for local ordinances. Our manufacturing services for signs are rated as inspected and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL Listed), which is important for protecting the quality of our products and services. We use a professional sign fabrication system to ensure that our signs are safe for our customers.

Customer Approval for a Sign

You can inspect the sign during the fabrication process if you want to help yourself to visualize the final appearance of the sign. Some customers could be concerned about a channel letter or about the shape for a side edge. We want to work with you to complete the fabrication process. Teamwork is the best method for protecting our customers. We understand that you could be concerned about the appearance and could want to change a few details before you would approve the sign.

Our Top Priority for Customer Satisfaction

We are professionals who have made lots of signs for businesses. The key factor for our high level of customer satisfaction is our process for communicating with our customers. We thoroughly discuss a sign with our customers before we start the design process. With several precautions for protecting the quality of a sign, we can confidently make a sign that will have all the special features for a customer, such as a halo light for reverse channel letters.