Orlando sign companyIf you need help designing, sign fabricators, permitting, or installing business signs for your property (including anything that would go on the outside of a building in a business), we’ve covered you.

We work with many clients to design and install signage meeting their needs and budget – from Channel Letter Signs that light up at night to Monument Signs at the entrance of an office building. We also fabricate and install Electrical Building Signs like billboards for the inside of your building. We can help light up the inside of your building with aesthetically pleasing and useful signs.

What we do:

Over the years, our customers have come to us for different reasons (and at different times). Many times, they have come to us after they’ve already selected a sign company and have realized that either the cost of the product or service is too expensive or they are not getting the level of service they need. Sometimes, it’s because their signs are outdated, but most often, because the sign company has moved on to other projects and hasn’t communicated well with their customers.

We work with customers who are looking for a turnkey solution for all of their signage projects. They aren’t looking to run their business with a big sign company on the outside of their building. They are looking for a small, friendly, reliable company that can supply their signs in quantities that fit their budget.

We work with our customers’ staff to find exactly what type of signs they need to meet the needs of their customers and for those clients looking for a specific look and feel for the signage in the building. For example, we have worked with clients who want to state their building is open 24/7, so we fabricate a sign lit up at night. Or a client wants to show off the dry cleaner’s service that they always provide to their customers. We can create a neon sign for them too.

If you need help designing, sign fabricators, permitting, or installing business signs for your property (including anything that would go on the outside of a building in a business), we’ve covered you.

The Products We Specialize In

We specialize in a wide variety of signs, including but not limited to the following:

Channel Letters

We design, fabricate, permit and install Channel Letters for any application.

Electrical Building Signs

We fabricated and installed Electrical Building Signs. These signs work as billboards for the outside of your building. They are controlled by a computer  that tells you when to light up to display your desired message. Most Electrical Building Signs are made with LEDs and can display many messages, images, and graphics.

Post & Panel

Post & Panel is the current sign product we often fabricate in our shop. We fabricate and install Post & Panel signs for just about any application. They are used for many businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores.

Monument Signs

We design and install Monument Signs. They are used for announcing your businesses name at the entrance of your business location. This is a very common sign that we install at many businesses. We have catered to this type of sign to our customers by offering different options on the materials to be used for these signs and offering them in unlimited sizes and styles.

Neon Signs

We design and install Neon Signs. We have a special niche in the business to make customers the brightest and most attention-grabbing Neon Signs that can be found on the market. We know how to pull the best out of different kinds of materials, like plastic, glass, acrylic, and metal. We have invested a lot of time into our Neon Sign production process, so we can make very complicated signs that involve many complex parts.

Why Choose Us?

We work with you! We work with your staff to ensure that the sign you are getting meets your needs and budget. We will help you to meet the standards required by your local government for permitting. This is done promptly from start to finish, so you can be up and running with your signage as quickly as possible.

We have been around and have been through many different types of industry changes, including technology. We have seen other sign companies come and go over the years because they didn’t adapt to change well enough. They couldn’t keep up with the times, so they eventually went out of business.

Contact us today for a free quote. We handle the entire sign process from start to finish.