channel letter signMany of us who own a business will need a business sign. That is especially true if we own a brick-and-mortar business in Orlando Florida. But where is the best place in Orlando Florida, to obtain a business sign? That might depend on the type of sign you are looking for; what the budget for the sign is.

About Our Company

We do not answer to a large corporation when it comes time for our customer’s needs. We are a family company. Together, our sign manufacturers have over twenty-five years of experience in the manufacturing of business signs.

We pride ourselves on being a member of the Underwriters Laboratories. They have approved our techniques for building signs. Underwriter Laboratories holds its members to the highest standards of building neon signs for business.

We are in Central Florida. We service businesses throughout the country; we take pride and pleasure in our work.

The Types of Services Offered by Us

We offer three types of services for our customers. These services include sign fabrication, sign installation, and sign maintenance.

Sign Fabrication—we are a full-service company that offers sign fabrication. When we get a customer asking us to make a business sign for them, they can rest assured that we are using top quality fabrication products to do so. Our customers are our number one priority. We go out of our way to meet the deadlines put on us by our customers. We know their deadlines are important for them to meet.

Sign Installation—your business sign is important. The way your company displays the sign is equally important. If you are showing a sign that is merely a banner, it will reflect poorly on your company. It might imply to others that you are not going to be around for a long time.

Why not get a professional business sign made. It will be installed properly on your business property. That will show prospective clients that you mean business. It will also show customers that you are in it to win it. The company that installs your sign should do so in a professional way. It seems like good business practice to take your sign and display it the way they do their own.

Sign Maintenance—it is important to keep a well-maintained sign. There is not only the unpleasantry of having a sign that looks out of shape, but there are also hidden dangers of not keeping a sign maintained. These dangers can include the nuts, screws, and bolts working themselves out. When that happens, you need to worry about the items falling on people, vehicles, or other property.

We not only install the sign with expert precision, but we help the business maintain the beauty of the sign. If, for some reason, your sign purchased from us seems like it is deteriorating, contact us. We will come out to your business and reattach any of the loosened nuts, bolts, and screws.

What Types of Signs We Offer

There are many types of signs that we offer our customers. We have worked with many high-level organizations throughout the US. There are many styles of signs that we have created for these well-known organizations. These types of signs include the following.


Channel letters—these types of letters allow you to attract customers. The potential customer can find you quickly and easily with these styles of signage. National grocery chains, restaurant chains, and pharmacies prefer to use channel letters for their signs. They are an affordable way to create a sign. We can build anyone this type of sign. We are sure to meet your budget.

Signs made of Channel letters have an effective way of attracting customers. They are also affordable for almost any business; our company can fabricate any channel letter sign for any business, large or small. These signs are available in a variety of colors and designs. They also come in many shapes. If the customer wants their sign to be illuminated or non-illuminated, we can accommodate that customer’s request. The customer might also choose to have us put LED lights in the sign.

Front-lit channel letter—These are by far the most popular form of channel letter signs. In Orlando Florida, they are especially popular. The light emits illumination from the front of the letter. Customers like these types of signs to be attached to the front or side of a building. They are attractive for customers to find you easily. When we install this type of sign, it is usually preferable to have a building with electricity access on the outside. There is an aluminum bracket used to mount the sign. The housing of the sign holds all the components of the sign. Our customers who order this type of sign are generally in business for a while. They make upgrades to their sign with these kinds of illuminated signs.