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electrical channel lettersToday, a growing number of businesses have discovered the benefits of employing cost-effective, fashionable channel letters as signage. This flexible form of advertising offers a number of advantages. Before investing in an expensive exterior outdoor sign, it usually proves helpful to consider some of the reasons why retailers and manufacturers frequently depend upon sturdy, flexible, attractive channel lettering.

This form of signage meets the needs of hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. While usually placed outdoors, these signs also function well indoors in some situations. Many enterprises request highly tailored channel lettering to help promote enhanced brand awareness and name recognition.

Benefits of a Channel Letter Sign

What accounts for the enormous popularity of channel letter signs today? This type of signage offers distinct benefits. Consider just a few of the key reasons why so many businesses invest heavily in stylish channel letter signs:

1. Obtain Visible, Attractive Signage

One important benefit supplied by a channel letter sign relates to effective, fashionable advertising. This type of signage commands attention. Businesses often use channel letters to indicate a company name or address prominently. Sign manufacturers (like Wholesale Sign Fabricators in Orlando) now offer both direct and reverse signage components. The flexibility and design freedom furnished by channel letters enables businesses to draw upon a wide variety of fonts and scripts to craft eye-catching displays. Additionally, these signs offer the ability to create letters of virtually any desired size. A small channel letter sign may promote a service inside a business, such as a grocery deli or a restaurant bar and grille. By contrast, larger letters ensure visibility when a company displays its signage outdoors. The iconic “HOLLYWOOD” hillside sign in Southern California illustrates the versatility of channel letters.

2. Minimize Repair Costs

A channel letter sign offers another important benefit. Particularly in the case of outdoor signage, from time to time owners need to obtain repair services. Constructed from widely available materials, such as vinyl, modern channel letters permit rapid customized replacement at reasonable rates. Customers don’t need to wait for extended periods of time to refurbish a badly damaged or worn sign. Additionally, the use of separate letters helps minimize repair costs. If a storm damages only a few letters in a ten-letter sign, a customer may obtain repair services at the sites where damage occurred, without the need to replace the entire sign.

3. Obtain Installation Flexibility

Many customers appreciate the flexibility afforded by channel letter signage. Installation sometimes involves placing letters flush against a wall or erecting them across a rooftop. Experienced sign installers possess the ability to help customers utilize the most cost-effective installation systems. Some other types of widely available commercial signage lack the versatility of channel lettering.

4. Use Colorful Logos And Icons Easily

Would you like to include a colorful logo, an icon, or an illustration with your business signage? Adding these items to a channel letter sign occurs seamlessly in most cases. Since owners install each letter individually, they need only include one or more accompanying graphic design elements to create vivid imagery.

5. Advertise 24/7

Customers enjoy a variety of options for illuminating this type of signage (both indoors and outdoors). Particularly since the advent of brilliant LED lighting, channel letter signs frequently employ cost-effective customized illumination. Businesses sometimes employ interior (or exterior) lighting to showcase this signage after hours. Even a company which conducts business within designated periods of time may still benefit from around-the-clock advertising by displaying prominent channel letter signage outside a commercial site.

6. Facilitate Information Changes Without Brand Disruptions

Yet another benefit of this type of versatile sign concerns the ease of changing the contents. For example, a professional practice readily modifies its company name to include the addition or loss of a partner using this form of signage. The company does not need to replace an entire sign when it relies upon the use of channel letters. Similarly, companies may reflect name changes due to acquisitions and mergers without undergoing a complete signage overhaul. In some industries, such as real estate, this capability facilitates helpful cost savings. It minimizes the risk of disrupting a well-established branding image when the firm name changes.

7. Mitigate Risk Potentials

Finally, channel letters help businesses lower potential risks stemming from signage accidents. While every mishap holds the potential to cause harm, in a busy urban area a fallen lightweight channel letter generally causes far less total damage than an similarly sized non-channel letter sign. The loss of a heavy sign might cause significant damage to commercial premises; yet channel letters typically rely upon light weight, non-structural materials. When correctly installed, these signs withstand pounding rain and snow, gusting wind, and other environmental hazards without fading or breaking apart easily. Yet these trendy plastic products retain brilliant colors over the course of years.

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