You’ve probably noticed outdoor signs on your favorite stores for years. But now, as you’re considering getting one for your business, you might wonder, “How exactly do those Orlando commercial signs get installed?” We’ve got all the answers for you! 

While installing a commercial sign might appear to be simple, it actually demands meticulous planning and execution to achieve the best possible outcome. At Wholesale Signs Fabricators, we specialize in Orlando commercial sign installation, focusing on outdoor signs that make a lasting impression. Here, we explore the five simple steps of commercial sign installation and why hiring a licensed sign contractor is crucial.

Step 1: Site Survey and Assessment

The first step in the commercial sign installation process is conducting a comprehensive site survey and assessment. This involves evaluating the location where the sign will be installed, considering factors such as visibility, access, and local regulations. Our team assesses the site to determine the best placement for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Step 2: Permitting and Approval

Getting the necessary permits and approvals is essential before proceeding with the installation. This step ensures compliance with local zoning laws, building codes, and signage regulations. As an electrical sign contractor, we handle the permitting process for our clients, saving them time and hassle.

Step 3: Fabrication and PreparationOrlando commercial signs

Once the site has been surveyed and permits obtained, we move on to the fabrication and preparation phase. This involves manufacturing the sign components to the exact specifications provided by the client. Our experienced craftsmen use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision and durability.

Step 4: Installation and Assembly

Our team begins the installation and assembly process when the sign components are ready. We use specialized equipment and techniques to safely and efficiently install the commercial sign in Orlando according to the approved plans. Whether affixing channel letters to a storefront or erecting a pylon sign by a bustling thoroughfare, we prioritize precautionary measures to guarantee a smooth installation experience.

Step 5: Testing and Inspection

Once the sign is installed, we conduct thorough testing and inspection to ensure everything works. This includes checking electrical connections, lighting elements, and structural integrity. We also perform a final inspection to verify that the sign meets our quality standards and exceeds our client’s expectations.

Why Hire a Licensed Sign Contractor?

While some sign companies can create electrical signs, not all are qualified or certified to do so. That’s why it’s important to choose a Florida electrical sign contractor. Hiring a licensed sign contractor for your commercial sign installation has many advantages:

  • Expertise and Experience: Licensed sign contractors have the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of the installation process, from site assessment to final inspection.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Licensed contractors are familiar with local regulations and zoning laws governing signage, ensuring that your sign installation is done legally and safely.
  • Quality Assurance: When you hire a licensed contractor, you can be sure that your sign will be installed with precision and that you will uphold the utmost standards of quality and craftsmanship.
  • Peace of Mind: Hiring a licensed contractor gives you peace of mind, knowing that your sign installation is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Turn to Us When You Need Orlando Commercial Signs

At Wholesale Signs Fabricators, our dedication to excellence shines through in every aspect of our commercial sign installation services. We understand that every business has distinct requirements and vision, so we take a personalized approach to every project. Our skilled team works diligently with each client to meet their needs and objectives, guaranteeing that the outcome surpasses expectations.

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to delivering quality results on time and within budget. Whether it’s channel letter, pylon, or monument signs, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life for all your commercial signage needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.