channel-letters-johnnys-diner2For 2020 to be your best business year yet, you should consider updating the sign for your business. While you may find yourself bogged down in employee matters, profit and loss analysis, and customer service, you might fail to recognize other needs. We understand how easy that can happen. We know you have a lot on your plate.

Tending to the needs of your business requires a lot of time and a lot of attention. Speaking of attention, have you failed to recognize the need to update your business’ sign? One of the key identifiers of your business, signage is sometimes overlooked.

During the day to operations of the business, many inside matters take precedence. Without even really considering it, you forget that your business sign serves many purposes that may be currently neglected. If you have forgotten to maintain and regularly update it, you are missing out on an easy fix that leads to a return on investment.

Are people not flocking into your business like they used to do? Have construction and development altered roads and views near your company changing when and where your business sign is seen? Have years of weather and normal wear and tear made it time to update your business sign?

It’s likely time to consider updating your sign and take action as soon as possible. Failure to remedy any needs for your sign could hurt your profits. Don’t worry about the cost. Take time to think about what needs to be on your sign, and it’s placement. Also, take time to make sure your business sign is crafted well and safely installed.

Make A Visible Message

What your sign says will say a lot about your business. The first thing to consider when updating a sign is the sign’s message. You must have a clear representation of what you want customers to know. Unless you are a well-known company like McDonald’s, for example, you must be certain to cover exactly what you offer. Even McDonald’s caught our eyes with “over one million served.” They retained our confidence in their products, too.

How do you convey everything you offer? How do you make sure your sign stand out? Hw does it tell as much as you can, but also not tell too much and lose impact? To help you with brevity, let’s consider your sign’s layout.

Create Layers in Layout and Design

There are several layers to the layout of your sign. The design of your company sign must be sure to add every layer.

The first layer is the name of your company. After that, you must have a simple statement or list of the most popular items or services. Let’s look at two hypothetical examples.

Fred’s Funky Fish House
Fresh Gulf Fish, Ice Cold Beer

MiMi’s House of Fashion
Latest Ladies Trends

The next layer involves your logo. Make sure that your logo is current. Be certain that it reflects current offerings, and be sure that it reflects your current exterior and interior design. We mentioned McDonald’s earlier. The colors that pop into your mind when thinking of the fast-food chain are red and yellow. What colors do people associate with your business?

That is our next layer, colors. It is not just verbiage and graphics that you must consider. The background color for the sign, its border, and supporting structures are all noticed. Make sure that you take all of these color choices into consideration.

Pinpoint Any Changes for Placement

Before you approve the building and installation of your sign, look to see if changes should be made to where it normally sits. You may not have noticed that your sign is unnoticeable.

Have new builds blocked the view of your sign? Has an increase in traffic made your sign harder to notice? Take a few moments to visualize any different placement and the positive impact that could have on your business. Take a moment to put yourself in the position of potential customers in your proximity.

Ensure Quality for Your Sign’s Construction and Install

It is super important that your sign is crafted and installed by professionals. Be certain that you employ people with proper training and a solid reputation.

A great sign will uphold over time and stand up against environmental factors. Make sure that the right materials are used for your sign. Be certain that rain and wind will not hurt it. Be certain that the installation is done with safety in mind.

Now that you know all of the steps needed to plan for, design and install a sign, we hope you will be more confident in deciding to update your business sign. We know that any improvements for your business are investments that you don’t take lightly. Making sure you have a sign with a clear message, eye-catching layout, and proper construction and positioning will be one of those solid investments you should make.