orlando meats business signMarketing is an integral part of building a successful business, especially in a competitive market. If you own a brick and mortar, you should invest in proper signage. By having a business sign on your building, you will not only attract potential customers, you will increase your branding and recognition, which will strengthen your appeal among your target audience and beyond.

Communicate Your Story

When a potential customer sees a sign on a building, they automatically associate it with something else. For example, the usage of hot pink can invoke feelings of childhood, femininity and nostalgia in customers. Another example of the psychology behind colors is that yellow and red that trigger hunger. These colors are behind the best-selling fast food franchise, McDonald’s. Your signage will invoke a feeling in the people who see it; you want it to be one that makes them step inside of your business. You may not be able to communicate your business’s full story through a sign, but you can give them a sneak peek of what they can expect to experience.

Attract Drivers and Commuters

If you place a creative, attention-grabbing business sign on your building, then people will definitely notice it as they drive by the area. For those whose businesses are located near a train station or a bus, commuters will also get a glance if they look out the window during their travels. When your business does not have a sign, it limits the business’s potential. For example, a person may see a building without a sign, but it won’t register. It may be a fleeting thought, and the person may not even care to think about what kind of business it is. However, if you own a nail salon and place a sign on the building, potential customers might make a mental note to visit the next time they need to get a manicure.

Grab the Attention of Pedestrians

Even though most people who enter a new establishment may not have visited there before, the place is not unfamiliar. They have walked by it several times on their new route to work, or they may have always seen it when they would go to the grocery store down the block. By having a business sign on your building, you will build rapport with strangers by simply being a permanent fixture in their daily routine. It will only be a matter of time before they decide to walk in, browse the aisles, shop for a needed item or ask about services.

Define Your Branding with a First Impression

By having a business sign on your building, you are shaping your customer’s first impression of your business. Whether you hate or love first impressions, you must admit that they exist. Selecting the right logo, color, style and slogan can make all the difference on whether a customer comes in or keeps walking. If you don’t have a sign on your building, you are automatically disqualifying yourself from the competition. If potential customers don’t know that you exist or understand what you do, the chances of them buying your product or services are very slim to none.

Stand Out Among the Competition

Even if you’re in a small town, with online businesses skyrocketing, you’re not the only business of its kind around. You need to step up your game in order to contend with the top players in your city as well as online. With a good, creative signage that properly conveys your services, customers will be more likely to give you a chance. At the very least, customers might mention it to friends who may be looking for the kind of service that you offer. A sign can help you stand out among the competition with its individuality and personality conveyed through its design, copy and logo.

Increase Sales

Without a sign, people might accidentally miss your establishment. Even if you have great word-of-mouth promotion, potential customers may not be able to find your business on a busy street. Eliminate any confusion by having a clear, big sign that points people directly to where they need to go. By helping people locate with your business with ease, you will immediately increase your number of customers. If your services are good and valuable, people will return, increasing your lifetime sales.

Advertise Special Deals and Discounts

If you have special deals and discounts, placing a sign on the exterior of your business will only attract more people to come in and shop. Sometimes, people need an incentive to enter your business. Perhaps, your products are of high valuable, but the customer cannot afford to purchase them at the set prices. If there is a sale, you should definitely promote it to widen the demographic of your target audience. Perhaps, a sale or discount will allow people who usually wouldn’t buy from your business to walk in. A good sign on your business will advertise your business, allowing more people to consider shopping there. Even if they do not purchase an item during their first visit, they will then be familiar with your products and customer service, which means you made an impression on them. If it’s the right impression, you will benefit from their experience in the long run.

Place the right signage on your building, and your business will soar. Marketing starts with the right messaging. After you decide who want to be, it’s up to you to convey it to your potential customers. The sign will help people understand your brand as well as coax interested parties in making the first step into your business. Once they get in the door, you know that sign did its job. The next step is up to you to complete a sale and turn this first-time customer into a repeat customer. By investing in a business sign, you are planning for the longevity of your business. Without a vision communicated through signage, no one will be inspired to become a loyal fan of your business.