Orlando Sign CompanyHere at Wholesale Sign Fabricators (WSF), we pride ourselves in delivering top-notch service and unmatched quality. Having our roots planted in humble beginnings, our company has expanded to meet the needs of business owners both locally and nationally to provide great service at an affordable price.

Who We Are

Wholesale Sign Fabricators is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience. The owner of the company has worked in the sign fabrication business from his youth, and decided to open a business of his own later in life. Registered by Florida state, bonded and insured, Wholesale Sign Fabricators has greatly expanded and become the leading sign fabricator in Florida. Wholesale Signs Fabricators service the needs of business owners all over the nation.

What Makes Our Company the Best?

What makes our company the best signage fabricator in Florida?

  • We Are Approved by Underwriters Laboratory
  • We Provide Multiple Options for Multiple Needs
  • We Offer Complete Sign Packages
  • We Offer Great Customer Service
  • We Offer the Best Prices… Guaranteed

1. Approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

We don’t take safety lightly, and neither should you. Approved by the Underwriters Laboratory LLC, you can rest-assured that your signage has been completed with safety in mind. The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is a world-renown safety corporation with offices in over 45 countries. They lead the pack in safety testing, meaning that you can trust that your product has been inspected by only the best.

2. We Provide Multiple Options for Multiple Needs

Our sign fabricators offer a wide range of services for your signage needs. Check out the services below for more details about what we offer:

Channel Letter Signage – A very popular option, this is the perfect choice for brand recognition. Channel lettering can be customized to fit the exact style, font, size, and color you desire. Moreover, these signs can be illuminated and placed on the exterior of a building for an attractive, professional, and inviting sign that will be sure to draw traffic.

Reverse Channel Letter Signage – These custom, multi-dimensional signs are the perfect and professional way to advertise your business. They, too, are often illuminated and placed on either the exterior or interior of a building for a sleek and polished result.

Banners – An environmentally “green” option, a banner is the perfect choice for bringing attention to your local business. Especially useful for new businesses, these banners are made from eco-friendly materials and provide the perfect showcase for your personal design and style.

Monument Signs – Monument signs are the perfect way to accentuate various aspects of your business or location. True to the name, monument signs are generally large in size and draw the eye. They are usually solid and stand on their own, making for a truly “monumental” first impression.

Light Cabinet – A popular choice amongst many business owners, light cabinets pair illumination with color, flair, and creative design to create a truly attractive and alluring visual that will be sure to drive customers straight to you.

Cloud Signs – Cloud signs do exactly are exactly what they sound like. These signs are mounted to walls and essentially “float” in the air as they project to create truly unique and eye-catching sign. Color and customization can be applied for a tailored-made representation of your business that is easy to see during the day or night!

Neon Signs – Made from customized glass tubes, these signs are perfect for businesses staying open at night (or 24 hours a day). With their brightly lit anterior, these signs are well recognizable and hard to miss!

Post and Panel – An affordable option, post and panel signs allow for creativity without breaking the bank. These sign posts are often crafted with simplicity, sophistication, and affordability in mind, making them the choice option for many. Additionally, these signs can be coupled with in-ground stage lighting so that visibility isn’t decreased, even after dark!

3. Complete Sign Packages From Drawing to Completion

At Wholesale Signs Fabricators, we know that seeing a project through to completion is key. That is why your top sign fabricator promises to stay by your side every step of the way. From the beginning drawing stage all the way to the final installation, we promise to see every task unto fully completion. Read on for a glimpse into a few steps of our dedicated design process:

Sign Permitting – As Electrical Sign Contractors, Wholesale Signs Fabricators specializes in the process of documenting for permitting applications with a complete knowledge of local ordinances and their requirements. We also provide help and support to local and national sign companies in the planning of their sign, permitting and installation needs.

Fabrication – Using only the best, we have an advanced sign fabrication system dedicated to providing high-quality fabrication coupled with skill to produce only the best for you and your business needs.

Installation – We want your customers to know you mean business, and that means providing you with the visual means to do so. Signage can leave a strong first impression on customers so using amateur signage just won’t cut it. Here at WSF, your sign fabricator will provide you with channel-lettering, monument signs, light cabinets, cloud signs, or any other type of signage you desire to ensure you catch the eye of the public. Moreover, you may notice an increase in your business’ stock value as clientele increases, all thanks to professional and well-lit signage.

Maintenance  – Think the job is done once the sign if hung? Think again. It is important to keep your signs maintained for reasons involving safety, and even your reputation. At Wholesale Sign Fabricators we know that aged and worn signs give customers the wrong impression. That is why we fashion our signs using only high quality, built to last materials to ensure that your sign will go the distance.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Still wondering if we are the best fit for you? Be assured that we are committed to providing you with the very best in customer service to assist with all of your signage needs. Our offices are open 8:30 am -5:00 pm daily. Give us a call!

5. Best Price Guaranteed

At Wholesale Sign Fabricators we offer high-quality signage at an affordable cost. Our signs are geared toward providing you with options, making it easy to choose to spend as much as your budget allows, without breaking the bank. Bring in a written estimate from a comparable company and watch us beat it!

Just Remember…

Wholesale Sign Fabricators are here for you. Your #1 central Florida sign fabricator will supply you with multiple options designed with you in mind. We promise to provide the very best in safety, quality, and maintenance to ensure that you walk away feeling great about your business. If you are interested in taking advantage of all we have to offer, feel free to CONTACT US today.