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Monument Signs – Are They Right For Your Business?

True to their name, monument signs carry themselves with a grand, stately appeal that suits physically larger and more upscale locations. Their construction is generally solid all throughout, expressed as a single object with affixed elements such as panels or individual letters displaying the names of companies on the lot. Monument signs product are popular among shopping strips, using back-lit panels to list the conglomeration of businesses that consumers can shop at. They’re also used for high-profile, independent business locations in tandem with verdant brush and directed lighting for an impressive, textured aesthetic at night. Generally speaking, monument sign design is used to signify a building or location that is “monumental”.

Monument signs are also frequently used as official infrastructure designating city and state limits, as well as church and school grounds. They can be observed in conjunction with malls, landmarks, museums, parks, and other areas of significant influence or history. Placing one of these for your business can do wonders for potential clients’ first impressions — if done correctly.

Monument Sign Design

Like post and panel signs, monument signs offer some breathing room for creativity by their very design. Cloud and chain-letter signs, which generally share the same design language in all their forms, are more meant to provide basic signage for a lower-budget business location. While panel and post signage can work with fancy texturing and other three-dimensional enhancements to highlight your company’s iconic standing, it never quite does it with the oomph that monument signs do, especially when they’re accessorized with greenery and specialized lighting. Art deco motifs and individually placed lettering act to enhance their contemporary look and feel, lending the notion that the business donning it is confident and “with the times”.

Monument signs are usually placed a little ways from the location they represent on a median or lawn due to their standalone commanding presence, as if the space between the sign and its host is a dramatic pause to recognize the location’s power. If you think of a sign’s influence as a radius, cloud and chain-letter signs tend to have the smallest reach, while post and panel signage is about middle-ground. Meanwhile, monument signs cast the most regal and upright appearance of the three.

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Looking For A Sign

It is not necessary for all businesses to use monumental signage. The amount of space it commands alongside the visibility issues it can have if poorly executed can result in a pretentious and impractical look that screams “trying too hard”. It’s a classic case of, don’t aim high if you aren’t going to shoot high — which is to say that monumental signage will need an ample berth and lighting that fits the visibility range of passers-by at that particular location. Sometimes, it’s better to stick with post and panel signage for ranged influence, as it can send the message more clearly at a lower price point.

  • September 3, 2015